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Welcome to Melbourne Op Shop Tours!

Melbourne Op Shop Tours will take you on a journey into Melbourne’s hidden shopping spots… Who knows what you will find, how much it will cost, or where you will find it?

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What we do

Melbourne Op Shop Tours offers you the most stylish and sustainable of adventures through Melbourne’s second-hand wonderlands. We recognise that everyone wants to look chic in stylish outfits, deck out their place in unique and period homewares, shop sustainably, support charities and guard their hip pocket from the unrelenting mark-ups in retail stores. Our tour guides – all expert op shoppers – will show you the best op shops, second-hand boutiques and vintage stores around and help you style your finds.

A little history

Melbourne Op Shop Tours is the stylish, sassy and sustainable love-child of Jessica, Richmond and Jenny. The idea was born in 2008, and after a whirlwind of an existence from winning entrepreneurial competitions and making friends on Twitter and Facebook, we began taking some lovely groups of op shoppers to treasure troves all over Melbourne in September 2009!


For a full day tour

  • Be prepared to wear comfortable shoes for a full day of exploring some of Melbourne’s best op shops!

For a 2 hour tour

  • Limited time? Explore a variety of stores in one area instead!

Meet the team!

Born and bred in Melbourne, Jess has a sixth sense for op shops and finds them wherever she is in the world. From the charity shops of London to the consignment stores of New York, the thrift shops of San Francisco to the second hand stores of Yogyakarta, Jess can usually be found having a browse of the local second hand treasures. A committed op shopper with a passion for being environmentally friendly Jess has the most extensive op shop wardrobe spanning costumes, ball gowns, office wear and accessories from every decade. Blessed with an exceptional sense of style and imagination, she can often be found outshining more pricey ensembles in an outfit that cost less than lunch.

Despite being raised in Kalgoorlie, Jenny has embraced Melbourne and all it has to offer in its entirety since moving here 6 years ago. She has a wealth of knowledge of op shops all over town, and if you’re lucky enough to have her as your tour guide, make sure you also ask her to reveal some of her favourite food and coffee places. While at home, Jenny is normally at ease with a cup of tea, this merely disguises her fabulous ability to throw together a stylish outfit – one that more often than not will contain a piece of clothing discovered in the children’s section of an op shop!

Erica’s heritage is British. She was born and bought up in Greater London, where her mother introduced her to charity shopping from a young age. Second-hand and vintage fashion developed into a personal interest. She migrated to Melbourne, Australia, six years ago, and soon discovered the wonderful world of op shops. One of Erica’s favourite pastimes is to seek out damaged or out-of-shape clothing in op shops, to refashion and bring back to life by cutting up and sewing. She writes about her second hand finds on her blog Recycled Fashion. Erica is environmentally passionate, and believes new style can be created from old.

Laura’s wardrobe is about 90 per cent full of things from op shops. Her passion is finding unusual vintage or designer pieces. You probably wouldn’t want to see her collection of handbags, because they have invaded the wardrobe and are threatening the bedroom now. When she’s not buried in a thrift store, you can often find Laura on her blog A Little Boutique Near Home. Her blog centres on op shopping, with reviews and handy hints for readers.

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